Wednesday, February 3, 2021

WNY Partnership Coalition Survey - Reminder Survey Deadline is February 15th

Hello Western Region Self-advocates and Advisors,

Thank you to all of the people who have already filled out the WNY Partnership Coalition Pandemic survey!

If you haven't filled it out yet, please do. That would help us very much! If you are not a person living with a disability, but you know people who are, please share the survey or assist people to fill it out. If you are in a self-advocacy group, please feel free to share it with your group.

This is the link:

About the Partnership Coalition and this 2020 Pandemic Survey of People Living with Disabilities:

Our Mission: 

We are a coalition of diverse voices advocating for collaboration that promotes best practices and true inclusion of people with disabilities in all aspects of life.

Our members include self-advocates, family members, and staff from provider agencies in our area.

Why we asking these questions: 

The Partnership Coalition wants to learn about things going on in the community and needs feedback from you, a person living with a disability, to help us focus on what is the most important to you. We want to expand our scope to address YOUR issues here in the local community. Your information will be kept confidential. 

At this time there is a world-wide pandemic known as COVID-19 and many people have been affected. Some more than others. Over 350 million Americans have died and many more have been infected. People have lost jobs, have been isolated from loved ones, and are experiencing increased anxiety and depression.

You may seek assistance from a friend or caregiver to complete the survey but the responses should be your own. Please complete this brief survey by February 15th, 2021. Thank you!

Sophia Roberts, SANYS

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