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Ten Things You Can do to Improve your Self Advocacy Group

Ten Things You Can do to Improve your Self Advocacy Group

Different groups do different things. This isn’t a be all, end all list and not every suggestion will work for every group. Try at least one or two of these however and we think you might see some positive change.

1. Have More Social Opportunities.

Getting your work done is great but don’t discount the importance of letting your hair down and hanging out with people that you share common interests with in a social setting. A good party can also be a great way to draw in new members.

2. Do Volunteer Work / Community Outreach

Everyone has causes and organizations dear to their heart. Become an active part of your community by supporting these causes as a group with your time and talents. Hold a fundraiser for your favorite local charity or service organization. It feels great and will increase the networking opportunities for your group to get its goals accomplished. Represent your SA group and your works at outside events. Stretch your reach!

3. Have more actual benefits for your members

Raffle off Tickets for local events, find local businesses that may be willing to provide a small discount to your membership. Use your imagination to find subtle and not so subtle ways to thank the members of your group for their time and support.

4. Take Advantage of Social Media

It seems that almost everyone uses some kind of social media to communicate and inform, and in most cases it’s FREE. Whether it’s fun pictures of your last event on Instagram, calendar events, pics, videos and communication via Facebook or short reminders on Twitter, there are TONS of ways to get your word out.

5. BUT Have an actual website
Social media is great but it’s also temporary. An organization needs its own home on the web for a permanent home and platform to keep forever! Fortunately a google account for your group gives you the opportunity to create a blog website, organize and communicate with your contacts, have an email, store important group documents, post group videos on You Tube and tons of other tools. This is also FREE and one login gets you into ALL of it.

6. Simple promotional and contact materials
We can’t tell you how many times we’ve tried to get contact information for a particular group and were unable to. Vistaprint is a great way to print up an order of business cards inexpensively. The groups name, email, contact name and phone number, when it meets, web and social media links, all the important information right there. And make sure they are always available to your membership at every meeting in case someone wants to have a couple in their wallet or purse to help spread the word. Even a flyer will do the trick, just make sure you have them.

7. Have a Focus, even if it’s no focus
Some SA groups have lofty goals and some groups simply support their members in any and all aspects of their lives. Some are tied in with larger organizations and some are social groups. It’s all GREAT. But it’s in your best interest to talk about it decide what you want that focus to be for no other reason than to be able to explain it to someone else when you are inevitably asked what YOUR group is all about. Having a focus, even if it’s no focus will also help guide you in running and growing your group.

8. Hats / Shirts / Hoodies – Membership/Inclusion
This one will cost a little bit of money but when we see a group of people volunteering, at an event or just out and about and they’re all sharing a common shirt, hat, hoodie it makes us take notice. Most people are proud of being part of something bigger than themselves, give them the opportunity to show it!

9. Use the talents of your membership
Everyone has talents, some people are comfortable speaking to others and some aren’t. Some people are very talented on computers and social media. Some people have interesting hobbies that others might want to learn about. Take the time to find out what each member is good at and don’t be afraid to ask them to use some of their talents for the betterment of the group. When someone is valued it makes them happy and will have the added benefit of decreasing the workload for all.

10. Talk it up! Spread the Word!
You wouldn’t be in the group if you didn’t support it! Talk it Up! Tell people, invite your peers to meetings, spread the word about all the good things your SA group is doing, grab a couple of those business cards and keep them in your wallet to give to others. Be Proud! You’re making a difference!


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