Saturday, January 26, 2019

ACTION ALERT Tell Governor Cuomo to #bFair2DirectCare!

Hello everyone- 

The Governor did not put the funding in the budget for Direct Care Staff. We have from now until the budget is passed to speak up about it if this is an important issue to you. Below are some examples of actions you can take. You can always call or write a letter or social media post in your own words.

Sophia Roberts
Self-Advocacy Association of NYS, Inc. (SANYS)
Western Region Coordinator
716.560.9307 - Cell

Tell Governor Cuomo to
Governor Cuomo's Executive Budget proposal fails 
to include the funding necessary to give
Direct Support Professionals (DSPs) a fair, living wage.

Encourage Governor Cuomo to correct this omission and add
the #bFair2DirectCare living wage funding in his budget proposal! 
CALL 518-474-8390 and SAY: 

- I am a [DSP, Parent, Self Advocate, etc.]
and a supporter of #bFair2DirectCare. 

- The developmental disabilities community is in a crisis.

- Right now, Direct Support Professionals (DSPs) across
New York State are making just above minimum wage and
can barely make ends meet, despite the difficult and vital work. 

- These low wages for DSPs have lead to high vacancy
and turnover rates, leaving a devastating impact on
the individuals and families DSPs support. 

- This impacts/ concerns me because [Insert reason
why #bFair2DirectCare is important to you.] 
- Please add the #bFair2DirectCare living wage
funding DSPs deserve to your budget proposal. 


- Share with the Governor why #bFair2DirectCare
funding for DSP is need and why it's important to you! 

- Tag @nygovcuomo in tweets and
@GovernorAndrewCuomo in Facebook posts. 

- Use #bFair2DirectCare in all posts! 

- Sample tweet: Low wages for DSPs have a devastating
impact on families like mine! @nygovcuomo please add 
#bFair2DirectCare living wage funding DSPs deserve
to your budget proposal! 

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